September 7, 2015

Pinterest Cooking: Blueberry Bars

We hosted Community Group at our house this week again, so I set out to find a good dessert/snack to serve.

Since summer is "coming to an end" (it's still 100 degrees outside, but it's September, so I am all about bring out my fall recipes soon!) I thought something with fruit would be a good dessert to serve.

I had seen the recipe for these Fresh Blueberry Bars a while ago and decided to try them out.  This blogger's recipe for Fresh Blueberry Bundt cake is one of my very favorite cakes to make, so I figured I'd try the bars out.  They were definitely delicious and very similar to the bundt cake--very blueberry with a hint of lemon.  The only thing was that they didn't cut super easily, so they were a mess.  And they didn't store very well, so we ended up throwing out the leftovers the next day.  

They were definitely a fun dessert and I thought they tasted very good, but not something I will make a lot since they pretty much have to be eaten in one sitting based on how they were faring on day 2.

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