August 23, 2015

Pinterest Cooking: Ribs and Homemade Pizza Dough

I made 2 new recipes this week!

On Tuesday night I went to a women's kick off at our church where I enjoyed a fajita dinner with 360 other ladies.  So I made these ribs in the oven that afternoon/evening for David to have for dinner.  I only made 1.5 lbs (about half of what the recipe called for) and he ate half for dinner and took the other half for lunch the next day.  I only got a small bite when they came out of the oven, but he really enjoyed them.  So I actually made them again--with the whole 3 lbs of meat-- this afternoon so I could enjoy some too.  These were very easy to make, they just take 2-3 hours to cook so not super practical most weeknights.  I will probably try to adjust them for crockpot cooking at some point.  But they worked well for a Sunday afternoon at home too!

The second recipe was for homemade pizza dough.  I'd blogged a few months ago about trying out Jen Hatmaker's recipe for homemade pizza.  The dough did not turn out well, but the sauce was delicious.  I've made another batch of the sauce since then to freeze and we had a few friends over for dinner last night to make homemade pizza.  So I thought I'd try a different dough recipe this time.  I tried out this one I found on Pinterest that can accommodate a large pizza or 7 individual pizzas.  Since we were having friends over, I went ahead and did the crusts for individual pizzas so each person could customize the pizzas with their toppings.  

I made them about an hour before our friends came over.  They didn't look very pretty, but once you covered them with sauce and cheese and toppings that didn't matter and they still tasted pretty good.  I'm definitely still on the hunt for a good crust recipe, but this one worked out pretty well

I enjoyed my pizza with sausage and spinach.  We also had pepperoni, mushrooms, and jalapenos available for pizza toppings.  It was a great night catching up with a few good friends over pizza!

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