August 14, 2015

Pinterest Cooking: Chicken Tenders Two Ways

So I've been trying to eat a little healthier lately.  Busy schedules, hot summers, and 10 hour work days all make me want to grab something quick and easy to eat, so a lot of nights for dinner we would grab something out.  I've been trying to cut that back a lot and to focus on eating more meats and veggies and not as much of the other stuff.

One of my favorite recipes to make when I'm trying to be conscious of what I eat are Almond Crusted Chicken Tenders.  I've made a few recipes over the past couple of years, but the one I usually use is no longer accessible (when I went to click the pin on Pinterest the link had been taken down).  So I tried a different one this week.

This recipe for almond crusted chicken tenders has only 3 ingredients--chicken, olive oil/olive oil spray, and almonds.  I had already processed a bunch of almonds into almond meal, so they were simple to put together.  I ended up adding a little Lawry's seasoning salt to my almond meal to give them some extra flavor.  They turned out really well and were a great dinner.  It's got a little bit more than just meat (or veggies) but it was a nice treat!

My awesome hubby is pretty good about eating whatever I make for dinner.  But I figured since chicken tenders are a pretty easy recipe to customize by only making the amount you need, I would try a different recipe for some for him.  So I searched Pinterest and found these Oven Baked Chicken Tenders for David.  They use panko bread crumbs, some flour, egg and some seasonings.  David said they were pretty good.  And while they may not be the healthiest food ever, they're probably miles better than for you than our regular Raising Canes/Chicken Express fix, right?  

I baked both chicken tenders according to the directions of the second ones (oven at 425, bake 17 minutes on a rack in a baking pan) and both sets turned out well. 

I served mine with a side of broccoli and David's with some mashed potatoes and leftover corn from a Mexican Food night this week.  This is definitely a dinner that I will make again!

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