July 12, 2015

Cooking up Memories: Chicken Salad

Well I am not to recipe #50, the final recipe of the bunch.  And this is one of my favorites.  I had seen this recipe early on and knew it would be a good one to make.  My plan was to make it sometime in the Spring.  David and I had talked about going to take Lily hiking on the trails by our apartment once the weather got warmer/nicer.  And I thought it would be perfect to make this chicken salad and take it to eat for lunch while on our hike.  

And then I broke my foot and couldn't walk for 2 months.  I'm just now getting to a point where I feel stable enough to possibly take on hiking, but we'll probably wait a little longer to make sure I'm completely healed.  But there went those plans for the perfect time to make this meal.  And then since then I haven't found a good opportunity to mix it up.  I'm so glad I made it for this week though--it will be perfect for lunches on our first week of 100 degree days this year!

We had a busy morning today.  David's best friend Dean spent the weekend with us, so we went to church and had lunch before he headed back home.  Then David and I went back up to church for a meeting.  We got home mid-afternoon and had an afternoon of yard work, laundry and grocery shopping.  

While the laundry was going I cooked up this chicken salad.  I boiled the chicken and then got to mixing it all up!

While it was chilling we spent a little time in our pool.  Served up the sandwiches on Hawaiian rolls and they were delicious!

Chicken Salad:
*6 cups cooked Chicken ("Boil" Boneless Chicken on Stove) {I cooked up 3 lbs of chicken breasts that I had bought from Costco and I had 6 heaping cups of Chicken and little to spare for another dish later!} *1/2 cup Sour Cream (can sub mayo) *1/2 cup Mayo *1 tablespoon Celery Seasoning *2 tablespoons Poppy Seeds (optional) *2 cups Red Seedless Grapes, cut lengthwise *1/2 cup Pecans {I left these out}
-Cut up chicken in small chunks
-Combine everything in large bowl
-Mix well and season to taste adding extra mayo if necessary & salt & pepper
-Chill until ready to serve
-Serve on croissants
-Great served with fruit salad, macaroni salad & crunch potato chips

What a great summer meal!  This is another one I will definitely come back to!

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