September 1, 2013

Weekend Dessert

I am really enjoying this holiday weekend so far.  Friday night was a great time of fellowship at Communion Dinner with a lot of my favorite people.  I had brunch yesterday with a high school friend then took a nice nap before dinner and a movie with our friends Lucas and Yali.

Today we had church and lunch with friends, grocery shopping, and then dinner with David's mom.

Tomorrow we are planning to be home.  I planned out a fairly big breakfast and then we are grilling in the afternoon.  For breakfast, I have a hashbrown casserole recipe I got at my shower and I'm going to make biscuits and gravy for my gravy-loving husband.  But I wanted something sweet to go along with it.  

I've followed the mix and match mama's blog for a while and always wanted to try one of her recipes, so I found one of her bundt cakes to make.  She has recipes for 100 different bundt cakes and this is one she says works for breakfast too, so I'm in :)

We had a little for dessert tonight and really liked it.  And I got to use my cake dome for it which makes it even more fun :)

Looking forward to a wonderful day off tomorrow!

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