September 2, 2013

Labor Day

3 day weekends are always wonderful.  I love Labor Day Weekend because even though it's still really hot there's the hope of Fall is around the corner.  I think Labor Day can be considered the beginning of the fall season, but I usually try to wait until the end of September to decorate

It's hard to argue with that logic :)

But with the rain coming down outside this morning I can almost convince myself that fall will be here soon.  And that makes me really excited.  I love Fall, as I think is evidenced by the years I've had this blog.  I've written more posts about Fall than Christmas.  

So here's a few things I found on pinterest to get me in the mood for the coming season...

Happy Labor Day!

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Amy said...

I'm just really thankful for seasons in general, the predictable rhythm that brings change every few months. Yet it's a familiar change because let's be honest, people in general don't like unknown change. Here's to hot tea and crisp air and the promise of the holidays.