September 6, 2013

Dog Days

Last night Lily and I headed out to meet up with our best friends. 

Erin and I were in need of catching up so we decided we would do that over a walk with our dogs. We decided to brave the heat (I mean it was only in the 90s this week instead of the 100s!) and get them some exercise. 

We made it 1 lap around the park and our friend Sasha was over it

So we moved our catch up session to sonic. We were very amazed at how well the dogs did in the back of Erin's car- while we talked they both just laid down and napped. 

It's definitely a much calmer experience than when Allie and Sasha played as puppies!  Lily's not quite as social as Allie was (though she still likes friends) and I think Sasha is perfectly okay with that!

It was a great night catching up with my best friend- time with her is always good for me :)

And my sweet girl had a good time too (it was her first ride in the new car!)

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