April 11, 2013

Last 100 days of single life

So we are officially 100 days out from the wedding. In some ways I know that's a lot- in others I know they will fly by

So in an effort to slow down a little and enjoy every part of these final days I am planning to take a picture each day and post them. One of my friends from college is getting married in may so she is doing that on Facebook and I loved the idea. I want to remember all of the little details and all of the fun day to day things. And I know there will be a lot of fun things happening in the next 100 days.

On day 100 we did a lot- I spent the evening at my mom's and we finished designing and ordered invitations and all the enclosures.

But we also got to look through our engagement pictures! David and I went through them last night, but I got to show my mom all the ones we like. More on those to come too, but it was definitely a great part of my day


I'm still deciding if I'll post every day or post a weeks worth at a time- if you have any thoughts let me know!

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erin m said...

YAY!!! I can't wait to see all of the engagement pictures- how fun! My vote is every day postings...but that is selfish because I know I won't want to wait a whole week to see your fun pictures :) We need to have a few "Erin & Laura" adventures in your last 100 days as a single lady. Just saying ;)