April 23, 2013

Cleburne Bridal Shower

So as I mentioned, my first Bridal shower was this past weekend!  It was hosted by some very sweet ladies from the church where David grew up.  It was fun to get to meet so many people--and it was definitely a blessing.

 With our moms and David's sister

 I was so grateful that David came with us to help me meet everyone

 Checking out some of our wonderful gifts!

 My awesome matron of honor who drove out to be a part of the shower!  She also took a ton of pictures so I didn't have to worry about it (for more pictures from the day you can check out her post too!)
 My sweet future sister-in-law writing down all of our gifts

 One of the many gifts we received (from David's sister)-- Tervis Tumblers-- 1 OU and 1 Baylor.  At this point I was giving David a hard time that mine was way more popular than his since a lot of his home church are Baylor fans!
Also in looking at all the pictures from opening gifts, this was the main theme--we laughed a lot--which is a good thing, I guess

 More of the lovely gifts!

With my Mom

Between having my first shower on Sunday and getting our invitations in the mail yesterday, it feels like things are getting more and more real every day!  But I am enjoying it so much

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