April 15, 2013

Day 96

Today was a Monday for sure. My mind is boggled about the bombs at the Boston marathon. I have a friend from high school who ran the marathon today- I was grateful to see a post that she and her parents are ok- but I can't imagine having been there.

One of my favorite things about Mondays is that it's the only weeknight David and I both have free, so we usually get to spend the evening together. Most Mondays I make dinner and we watch TV and hang out.

Tonight we took advantage of the newly warm weather and took a walk at the park. Then we came back and I made dessert

Banana ice cream! And it's just frozen bananas. That's it. We tried it last week with peanut butter, but decided tonight we like it better without. I just slice 2 bananas and freeze them for a couple hours. Then I put them in my food processor and it turns into ice cream consistency. It's like magic ;)

I had seen this on Pinterest before, but was skeptical. But we've loved it so far. It's a great thing for us because I love dessert but am trying not to eat too unhealthy. And David loves all things banana!

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