February 12, 2012

Wedding Season Round 2

So last summer was the summer of weddings.  It was so fun to get to celebrate so many couples and spend time with great friends while celebrating.

This Spring is round 2.  Over the next several months there is at least 1 wedding or reception to go to every month.  It's a spring of showers and parties and spending time with friends.

And Last Night started it off with a wedding for my sweet friends Kenneth and Courtney.   Courtney and I actually pledged Phi Lamb together at Baylor.  We only got to spend a semester together before she left for nursing school, but we definitely had a lot of fun.  Then when I moved back to Dallas and went to BSF for the first time, Erin "introduced" her to me as a friend from her small group.  It was fun getting to re-connect.

Then we were all in leadership together, along with Kenneth--so we got to be there as their relationship started and grew.  It was a lot of fun getting to celebrate this long-anticipated wedding!

It was also a lot of fun to catch up with many old friends from BSF.  A lot of us have gone different ways, but it definitely felt like a BSF reunion and it was great to see everyone and get to catch up on where everyone is these days.  (and the venue for their reception--the room on main-- was really gorgeous and had great views of the city)
And a shout out to this lovely couple for letting me tag along with them last night! :)

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laura, you look so pretty!