February 18, 2012

Lily & the Cow

Meet Lily's Favorite Toy

This is not an ordinary cow, friends.  This cow moos.  Aunt Aja and Uncle Jeremy gave this to Lily as her Christmas gift.  And even then Aja said "she'll probably just tear it up."  Except they forgot, Lily's not Allie... every single one of the toys I've given Lily in the last 7 months is still in tact.  And oh my goodness Lily LOVES this cow.

When Lily first got the cow she was perplexed by it, so she would bite it to make it moo and then sit back and stare at it.

Then she would take it to bed and she would set it off and then jump in bed and cuddle--as soon as it stopped she would jump down to make it moo and repeat the cycle.

Now she takes it with her everywhere.  I put it in my bag to take with us to my mom's and Lily thought I was trying to steal it and dug for it.

This morning the cow started mooing at 6:27.    And just so you have the full effect...

She's looks so proud of herself 

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