August 29, 2009

A New Day

Last weekend I went to the Women of Faith Conference here in Dallas and it was amazing. I stood in the American Airlines Center singing praise to our God along with 16,000 other women and it was overwhelming. So many awesome speakers and concerts... it was a refreshing weekend.

The theme for the weekend was A Grand New Day

How appropriate for where I am right now...

I have been needing that refreshing moment from God and a new day and I feel as though I've gotten it. And newness is all around!

Just look around my apartment at the dining room full of boxes, the empty bookshleves, walls and cabinets. A new apartment is in the very near future... I'm moving in about 12 days!!

And a new school year... which usually doesn't effect me much... but I just feel as though it's a new start.

The fall also means a new year of BSF! In fact, I'm up so early today getting ready for our class workshop to get prepared for the new year!

A new month is about to start as well... the end of the month at work is always the craziest, but a new month brings a little bit of a slow down when things aren't quite so rushed.

And other new and exciting things are coming too!

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