August 8, 2009

The Packing Begins!

So I know I'm not moving until September... but I was looking at my calendar the other day and realized I have lots going on for the next 3 weekends, which means the next free weekend I have is the one right before I move. So I decided I'd start some of the packing process.

Unfortunately, I haven't gotten too much done. First off, because when I went to get my boxes out of my storage closets almost all of them have little wasp nests in them!! We had a huge wasp nest on our balcony until recently, and I guess some have transferred to the boxes. Luckily none of them actually had wasps in them, but I had to destroy a whole bunch before I could even begin packing.

Sadly, the only thing I've really packed are books and decorations, so my apartment just looks kind of sad. I wanted to pack more, but I just can't commit. I mean, what if I need my 8", 9" and 10" spring form pans in the next month? Or one of my 57 cookie cutters? Or all of my scrapbook paper?! How could I pack them and then have to dig for them? It's a little pathetic, I know.

But at least I started and am on my way. I'd much rather be making decorations (which is how I've spent the last month) than packing!

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