May 24, 2009

New Phone, Spa Day, IKEA Round 2

So I have luckily been off work since last Wednesday at noon. My mom and I took off a few days to have a "dallas vacation" and just hang out here.

Wednesday we went to lunch and a movie. On Thursday we went shopping and then met my brother, Jeremy, for lunch and then I introduced my mom to Sprinkles Cupcakes!! On Friday, we spent a while at the Sprint store updating our plan. We updated to the data plan so I can now check my email (and use twitter!) all day long from my phone--just what I need, huh?

And I was also lucky enough to get a new phone. mama reed and nick decided to keep their current phones, but I was ready for a new one and so far I am very pleased with my...

Samsung Instinct! It is one of Sprint's newer phones and I really love it. I had thought about getting a blackberry, but this one is definitely more fun!

Then my mom and I spent the afternoon at the spa... getting massages, facials, manicures and pedicures. It was a wonderful afternoon and I really enjoyed it!

Today I got to go to IKEA (2 times in the last week!) with my brother, Nick, to help him get organized! He is living at home and basically my mom told him he needed to clean his room and organize it better or she was going to kick him out (not that she would actually do that...) so he called to see if I would go with him to help him find things and transport them in my car.

So we got him a new bookshelf and organization bins. It's definitely a start... and I could seriously spend all day at IKEA...

Now I am curled up with Allie watching a movie and looking forward to having tomorrow off to continue to rest before starting a crazy week!

Have a Wonderful Memorial Day!

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