May 10, 2009

Graduation Weekend

This weekend I went to San Antonio to watch my cousin, Melissa, graduate from St. Mary's. I took off half a day on Friday and my mom and I drove down. It was a great weekend with my family. I spent most of graduation catching up with my cousin, Michelle (Melissa's sister). Michelle recently got engaged and just found out Friday she was accepted to Pharmacy school, so she's got a lot going on! We spent most of graduation talking about wedding plans and playing games--we did pay attention and cheer when Missy walked across the stage of course ;)

I unfortunately forgot my camera, but am supposed to be getting pics from my Aunt, so I will definitely post those once I have them! But let me leave you with this picture, because someone else had a wonderful weekend with her cousins too...

Allie spent the weekend with her Uncle Jeremy and Aunt Aja and got to play with her cousins, Sadie and Maggie. She got a good progress report, she and Sadie played hard all weekend, and NO ESCAPE ATTEMPTS!!! The only complaint is that she didn't sleep well at night because she didn't know where she was--but she is definitely tired now. She came home, jumped on the bed and hasn't moved in the last hour!

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