May 2, 2009


... North Texas without hunger. Help bridge the gap!

This was the slogan printed on the t-shirts for today's Russ Noland Memorial Golf Tournament that I helped at! This golf tournament was to benefit the Food 4 Kids Program at the North Texas Food Bank. This program provides a backpack of kid-friendly food to at risk kids for the weekends. Basically helping to "bridge the gap" between Friday lunch and Monday breakfast that are served at school.

Our pastor that passed away in August (Russ) was a huge advocate for this program, and he was always big into this golf tournament, so it was only right that this year the golf tournament was in memory of him.

I went to help wherever needed and ended up running all over the place! I started by helping with registration and then went to help judge the putting contest (which was pretty amusing considering I had NO IDEA what the heck I was doing!). Then one of the ladies said a couple of her volunteers didn't show up so she needed help at the 7th hole during the tournament.

So I spent the afternoon at the 7th hole handing out prizes to anyone who made it within the circle around the hole--only 2 guys got prizes but it was fun to see everyone as they came through! And when the rain started, everyone teased me for my pink umbrella! Unfortunately the tournament was cut short because the thunder and lightening and torrential downpours started! So we headed in early for burger and raffle drawings!

It was a fun day and such a great experience--I'm so glad I was able to help out!

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