May 17, 2009


It has been a wonderful weekend! Friday night my family and I went to Arlington for the Rangers' game. My mom absolutely loves baseball, so we bought tickets for all of us to go as her Mother's Day Present and she really enjoyed it.

Then on Saturday Erin and I headed out to IKEA in Frisco. It was so nice to have the whole afternoon to look through everything and not feel rushed... because it definitely can be an ALL DAY experience!

I went in with the hopes of finding a new coffee table. My coffee table is one of the last pieces of furniture that I inherited... my old Sunday School teacher Lisa had an old one that she gave me and I have been so grateful to have it! But I was ready for something a little sturdier. So I set out to find one of my trip out to IKEA.

And luckily I found one I really liked that wasn't too badly priced. So I got it and then sweet Erin came back to my apartment with me to help me unload it (because there's no way I could carry it up the stairs!) and then assemble it! Then we headed over to her apartment to hang her new picture ledges and get her dining room set up! (For pictures of the assembly process, you can see them at her blog!)

But here are a few pictures of my finished table:

And my favorite part: A shelf where I can hide my remotes and computer and other random things!

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