July 10, 2017

Cooper's First Road Trip

We kicked off July with Cooper's first road trip!  David took a few days off work around the 4th of July, so we decided to take a trip to Oklahoma to see some of his extended family and introduce Cooper to his Grandnanny.
All packed up and ready to go.  I thought this was a good representation of the silly faces you're willing to make to try to get the baby to smile :)

All smiles in his car seat as we were ready to back out of the driveway
 We stopped in Denton for breakfast/lunch at Chiloso.  We love Chiloso so very much and they opened one in Denton last year, so it's been a good place for us to stop on our way to Oklahoma.  We fed Cooper a bottle and then got back in the car.

By the time we made it to Sanger (not very far from Denton) the little guy was pretty out of sorts.  He was sooo tired, but couldn't fall asleep.  So we decided to see if me sitting with him would help.  He immediately grabbed on to my hand and proceeded to fall asleep not long after this picture was taken.

First stop was to spend the afternoon with David's best friend from college, Dean, and his family.  The last few times we've been to Oklahoma we've missed them, so we hadn't met their little boy yet.  It was a fun afternoon of playing and enjoying dinner together.  Then we headed to Oklahoma City for the rest of our weekend.  We got in late that evening, so we talked with family a bit and then headed to bed.

The rest of the weekend was full of resting and hanging out with family.  Cooper got lots of snuggles with his Grandnanny and gave her lots of sugars.  He also took a 3 hour nap 2 of the 3 days we were there, so we had quite a bit of down time while he rested from his big trip

On Monday, David and I took Cooper for a walk to the park in Nanny's neighborhood.  He promptly fell asleep when we got to the park.  All snuggled up with his blanket and his hat :)

When Daddy gets Cooper dressed they sometimes wear matching Rangers clothes (they sported these same outfits Memorial Day weekend.)

An afternoon chat with his Grandnanny!  David's Nanny is our only grandparent who is still living, so we are so glad that Cooper got to spend time with her and we look forward to future visits!

All decked out for the 4th of July party at Uncle Marshall's house!  This is actually Cooper's swimsuit because it is the only one I've been able to find in his size, but it doubled well as an Independence Day outfit!

We went over to David's Aunt and Uncle's house for dinner on July 4th.  We enjoyed delicious food and a good evening with most of his family.  After dinner, we spent some time in their backyard while Cooper's second cousin swam with her uncles.   Love snuggles with my little guy!

Sweet memories with David's Nanny!

Wednesday morning we got up and got on the road.  During this trip we were finally able to position the mirror above Cooper's car seat at an angle where we could see him!  We had installed the mirror in the Explorer and then again in the Pathfinder, but it would never stay at a good angle.  We finally found something to wedge behind it to keep it pointed down enough.  This seemed to help Cooper some as he was able to watch himself in the mirror and he could see us, but he still needed me to sit with him for some of our drive back.

Cooper did so well on our trip!  He was happy and content most of the time, he did well being held by all of the family, and he slept pretty well too with only a few extra wake ups.  We are so glad we were able to spend a long weekend with family!  

First road trip is in the books and now we're already talking about where we're going to go next! :)

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