July 1, 2017

Cooper's Cubbyhole: 3 months

3 months old!

Weight: 11 lbs 10.6 ounces
Diaper Size: 1
Clothing Size: 0-3 months
Things you Love: Your playmat-- specifically your giraffe.  Being held.  Mommy and Daddy.  Your cousins--you started showing a bigger interest in them when you guys spend time together this month, they had you smiling and cooing a lot!  Talking and cooing and smiling.  Your hands-- you’ve definitely found them and like sucking on them and have even been able to sometimes calm yourself down if you can get to your hands.
Things you Don’t Love: Being in your car seat when we are stopped--you are fine when we’re driving but as soon as we slow down to a red light you lose your mind a little and then you are fine once we’re going again!  You also are not as content to be in your car seat when we go out to restaurants or other places, you’d much rather be held.  Formula-- I've been trying to offer a supplement to some of your feedings to help with your weight gain. We usually use pumped milk, but I decided to try formula a few times and you will not drink it.
Milestones: You rolled over from your stomach to your back a few times this month.  You also giggled for the first time, but we’ve had trouble figuring out what makes you laugh to get you to do it again!  You also are doing so much better at holding your head up when you’re on your tummy and you’re turning it both ways now MUCH better
Memorable Moments:  You had a frenectomy on June 12 to get rid of your upper lip tie and a posterior tongue tie and it was a game changer!  You were instantly so much happier (and you were already a happy baby!), you started sleeping longer stretches during the day and you started eating better (somewhat).  It was crazy what an immediate difference it made!  We also celebrated your first Father’s Day with your daddy and Pappaw.  And we had your baby dedication at church.

Sweet Cooper, it's been a crazy month for you!  Your first round of shots, a laser procedure to cut your lip and tongue ties, an OT evaluation to look at your neck and head control.  Our biggest challenge continues to be feeding-- your frenectomy helped eliminate the reflux symptoms you were having and definitely improved your latch, but it still takes a long time for you to eat and your weight gain continues to be slow.  But you are so happy and content all day long and you have started napping better during the day.  You give smiles to us so easily!  And when you are fussy we have a hard time because it happens so rarely.  Even with the challenges of this month, it has been so much fun hearing you talk and coo more, watching you smile and begin to laugh, and spending my days with you.  One quarter of your first year is behind us which is a little sad, but I know we have so many fun days and months ahead!  I can't wait to continue to see you develop your personality and learn more about you!  

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