July 25, 2017

Wild about Baby Boys

This past weekend I had the pleasure of throwing a baby shower for our friend Yali.  Yali's husband Lucas is one of the first Chinese students David met through the International Friendship Partner Program and he has been a great friend to us over the past 6 years.  Lucas was a groomsman in our wedding and about a month later he and Yali started dating.  They are currently settled here in the US and we are so glad we get to continue to live life with them!  They are due with their first baby boy in October so I offered to throw a baby shower for them and we got to planning.

Yali wanted to be involved in the planning and wanted to host the party at her house so her friends could see it.  Everything came together really well I think and we had a lot of fun! 

 I didn't get any pictures of the actual shower, but I was able to grab a few before everyone showed up.
Yali wanted to use elephants for the theme and I found this idea for making an Elephant out of Watermelon.  So I decided to attempt it for the centerpiece of the fruit tray and I don't think I did too bad of a job.

Yali's friend Estelle was in town visiting from China and she made this adorable cake with the elephant on top.  It was delicious!

 We stole the idea from my shower of having a bib decorating station.  I used some of the same iron on ideas with ties and bow ties and added in a few animals for the bibs.  We also had fabric markers if people wanted to draw or add a message.

We used this awesome printable for the guest book.  I cut out blue circles for people to sign and we added them as a balloon bundle.

We also had a name game where everyone tried to think of a baby boy name for every letter of the alphabet.  Then Yali picked her favorite suggestion and that person won a prize.  It gave them lots of name suggestions to mull over as they decide on Baby Boy's name!

It was a fun afternoon with friends, but of course it was good to come home to my boys too.

Cooper hung out with the guys that afternoon and went out for a late lunch with David and Lucas.  He was napping when I left and napping when I got home so it had been several hours since I'd seen him.  This picture is right after he got up from his nap and he heard me talk to him and turned and saw me.  That smile melts my heart every time.  We can't wait for Cooper's new friend to arrive this Fall!

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