June 30, 2016

June Save the Date

 We kicked off June with a front porch ice cream date.  The first week of June was crazy as we prepared for the kids to move and all of the emotions and stress that went with that.  So one night after we got the kids to bed, I went and bought us some Ben and Jerry's and we enjoyed it in our front porch rocking chairs while we talked about lots of things.

One of our first dinners out after the kids moved.  This was also our first (of many) dinners at a neighborhood restaurant.  We tried out a Thai place and enjoyed a dinner together while we talked about plans for the future

David works from home once a week, so a few weeks ago we took advantage of his lunch break and had a lunch date at one of our favorite places.  My co-workers introduced me to the original Chiloso in Rockwall not too long after I started at ECI.  I then introduced David to this one in Richardson and we go there a lot.

And we closed out June weekends with David's birthday weekend and a trip to the Ballpark in Arlington together.  It was a fun month dating my guy!

{More about Save the Date here.}

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