June 27, 2016

Birthday Weekend

David turned 29 this past weekend and we had a busy and fun weekend celebrating!  Friday night, we went to the rehearsal dinner for our friends Amy and Chad.  It was fun being with close friends that night and listening to stories of Chad and Amy's relationship.

 Saturday morning was David's birthday and we started off the day with Amy and Chad's wedding.  It was so fun getting to celebrate the day and see so many friends!  We realized that although we have been to a lot of weddings since our own, this was the first wedding we've been to at Woodcreek since we got married.  This was also the first wedding reception we'd been to at Woodcreek since our friends Matt and Daisy got married, and that was the day David first asked me out.  So it was kind of a fun trip down memory lane for us as we celebrated with friends Saturday morning.

We had to cut out from the wedding a little early to take some friends from our Community Group to the airport.  We dropped them off and then headed to the George W Bush Presidential Library.  I had been asking David for a couple of weeks what he wanted to do for his birthday and he couldn't think of anything.  Then the middle of last week, he decided he wanted to go visit the library so that's where we spent our afternoon!

 Our friend Katie had worked at the library when it first opened and she and her sister said we had to check out Cafe 43.  We told them we already had lunch and dinner plans that night, but they said we needed to at least try out the homemade ice cream.  So we stopped for some ice cream before we toured the museum.  It was very delicious!

David with the President's Baseball Collection.

 Sitting at the Oval Office

Hanging out with the Bush Presidents

At the end we toured one of the special exhibits called The Path to the Presidency.  They had a lot of information about former presidents.  They also had displays for all of the different years that voting laws were passed--when non-landowners were allowed to vote, when black men were allowed to vote, when women were allowed to vote, when the poll tax and literacy test were done away with and when the voting age was lowered to 18.  One of the neatest things was this rug that ran along the floor and had every presidential election with a bar graph of how many votes each candidate got, including 3rd party candidates.

After the museum we met up with David's parents for dinner at Pappasito's and then we went back to our house for dessert and showed off the "cake" I made.

Sunday we slept in and then spent the afternoon at the Ballpark.  David had tickets to the Rangers game yesterday afternoon and he took me along with him.  It was a hot day, but luckily his seats are in the shade so it wasn't too bad.  And the Rangers had a good game!

It was a fun weekend with my favorite guy!

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