December 21, 2013

Christmas Card Outtakes

We got all of our Christmas cards in the mail this past week and I really like how they turned out (more on that later).  But we didn't get there too quickly.
I actually had a made Christmas card back in November and even had a few printed.   They looked like this

I really liked them.  But then I started thinking that I wanted to have a newer picture of us on them (even if they were in addition to wedding and engagement photos)

So then the quest started to get a good picture.  And we took a few good ones that we ended up using.  
But I also decided we needed to have Lily in our picture.  That's where the fun began.

 We decided we didn't really want a picture of us looking like we're strangling the dog, so we gave up and just took a few pictures of David and I...
 ...and look who decided to join us...
 ...she just came and sat right next to me.  We're all looking at the camera in this one, but what a ridiculous picture

 Guess that's why my friend Amy (who designs lots of awesome Christmas cards each year!) talks about not signing your dogs name on your cards (whether or not you include them in the pictures).

Although once upon a time Lily took a good Christmas Card Picture.  Guess her posing days are over!

I'll post our actual Christmas card later :)

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