October 16, 2010

Erin & Laura go to the State Fair (again!)

The State Fair of Texas has been up and running again the past few weeks. The last time I went to the Fair was 2 years ago. And since it had been a couple of years, Erin and I decided it was time to head back. We decided to go a cheaper route this year and go on one of the deal days. So we looked at our Calendar and found the 1 free weeknight we had during the time the fair was open (yes, seriously). We gathered our Dr Pepper cans and went on Tuesday night for $3 :)

We started by splitting a Turkey Leg for dinner. Then we headed into the Car show and looked at some of the new cars. We made our way to the Midway and looked at the games and rides. We decided to skip the Texas Star (Ferris Wheel) this year for the cheaper option of the Texas Skyway. As you can see, we were very excited to ride the Skyway above the crowds:

Then we continued walking around to see what all of the options were for fried food. For a few minutes, we almost considered branching out and trying something different... But in the end we split the tested and true Fried Oreos & Funnel Cake.

It was a great night at the Fair! And bonus: we figured out that each of us only spent around $20 for parking, admission, ride and food!

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erin m said...

LOL- that's not excited- that's crazy/freaked out- so funny! I had so much fun with you :)