October 10, 2010

The Cotton Bowl Hosts: Baylor vs. Tech

So I absolutely love to watch football. I have been going to football games for a very long time. My parents had season tickets to our High School games starting when my brother played on the team his sophomore year (which was when I was on 4th grade). So every weekend in the Fall from then until I graduated High School was spent at the football field.

When I went off to Baylor I loved going to the games (despite our less than perfect record). It always made for a great Saturday when we got dressed in our Baylor shirts and headed to Floyd Casey for the game. Now that I am not in Waco, I love it when I can occasionally catch the Baylor games on TV.

So when I found out they were coming to the Cotton Bowl, I was excited to find a way to go. So I called up my friend Kristen (who I haven't seen since graduation) and we made plans to go. It was exciting to be at the Cotton Bowl at to see the Sea of Green & Gold:

It was a very exciting game, but sadly my Bears lost in the end. They looked as though they might make a comeback, but no such luck. For most of the game it was a close score and it was fun to be at the game!

Here is my pre-game smile:
By the end of the game I was sunburned and my hair was up and my smile had faded a little. But it was a great experience... there is nothing like spending a Fall day at the Football Game.

It also made me very excited for my trip to the State Fair on Tuesday with Erin!

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Nicki said...

1. You look unbelievably great. (But I happen to think this every time I see a new picture of you).
2. Baylor should have gotten that last second on the clock. Would have made all the difference.
3. How were the Tech fans? Were they ugly at all?
4. Will you and Erin eat anything fried at the Fair?