April 17, 2009

What's Life without Friends?

So I know my blog has been lacking posts right now... and there are a couple of reasons for that.

1. I have been working pretty much non-stop for the last 2 weeks and have been exhausted when I'm home!
2. Nothing exciting has really been going on.

And that still hasn't changed in my life--no big news nothing really happening other than the usual. But pretty much all of my friends have big news right now so I thought I'd brag on them a little bit. :)

I know I've already written about this, but my best friend from High School, Lara, is getting married. I've been talking with her a lot this week about all of their plans and have been getting more and more excited for her! We still have 11 months until her wedding--she's getting married March 13, 2010. But I am loving hearing about all the details... mainly because I know she and Seth are so good for each other. I have only met him a few times but I can already see how he brings out the best in her, but also challenges her which is exactly what she needs. Lara and I have come a long way since we became friends watching all the boys play hockey one day and started talking about anything and everything under the sun!

And Nicki? She recently found out that she has been officially accepted to her Master's Program for School Psychology (not that I had any doubt she would be!). Pretty much every undergrad class I went to in college, Nicki was with me--so I can't really imagine her going to classes without me (in fact, at one point Mathis said I should come along and go to school with her!). But I am so proud of her for taking this next step! Nicki has spent the last (almost) 2 years working as a Mental Health Case Manager for kids and teens and I have seen her grow so much through this job and I am so excited for her as she continues on to learn even more about how to help these at-risk kids! And while I will miss her when she leaves Texas--I am going to love having an excuse to visit my best friend in Virginia!!

And then there's sweet Erin. Oh what a crazy and hard season this has been for her. But God provides as He always does (even if takes longer than we want!) and next week she will be starting her new job and moving into her new apartment!! I have seen so much of her heart over the last 4 months while she's gone through this ridiculously frustrating process of finding a job and I have watched as God has brought her to a new place this week. I am so amazed by the way she has opened her hand completely to His will and taken a step to a place she never planned to go. What a beautiful example of a servant of Christ--I am so blessed to have her in my life and could not be more excited for all of the ways He has provided even in the past week! And added bonus--she's cutting our distance from each other in half when she moves! :)

Also just a quick note to say that one of my good friends at work, Stephanie, had her baby on Wednesday! Little miss Madison Marie arrived around 7:30 that evening after a very long day for her Momma! Stephanie has been such an encouragement to me during the time that we've worked together. She is always there for me to laugh with and get lunch with!!! I can't imagine anyone who will be as great a mom as Steph will be!

And as for me? I'm still here working and going to BSF and loving on my Allie-girl. And I definitely feel like I'm just where I'm supposed to be--my cloud hasn't moved yet! But I am beyond blessed to get to, in some way, be a part of all of these adventures with my sweet friends!

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Nicki and Mathis said...

yay!!! i love you, sweet friend!