April 18, 2009

In the Mood for Change

Do you ever just get in the mood to change things up? Today I did some much needed cleaning around my apartment. I have been going non-stop for the last few weeks and then have been gone on the weekends so my apartment has been a little neglected.

I spent most of my morning cleaning my kitchen and reorganizing all of my kitchen cabinets! While cleaning out one of the cabinets I found a few things that I needed to find a place to store and when I put them up on top of the cabinets I realized that there was space up there to put things and I suddenly had to have decorations for the top of my cabinets!

I am not very patient when it comes to things like this--when I have an idea like that I can't let it go until it's done. So I started with some things I had around my apartment and was able to find some vases that fit--but I still needed more.

So I headed to Walmart (which gets a little crazy on Saturday afternoons!) and searched for what I wanted. I ended up getting out there for under $20 in about 15 minutes just collecting things that I wanted and I actually am very pleased with how it turned out! Unfortunately there is a light in the middle of my kitchen ceiling, so it is hard to take pictures of the top of the cabinets--but I tried. So here are a few just to give you an idea:

It seems like a pretty insignificant change and something that no one else would probably even notice--but it just made me happy to have even a little change :)

Happy Saturday!

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Nicki and Mathis said...

LOVE this!!! so cute!!