April 4, 2009

First Monday

For many years I have heard people talking about going to Canton for First Monday. I have always been intrigued by it but never been able to go. So when my sister-in-law, Aja, emailed me last Monday saying she was going with her mom, sister-in-law Carrie and Carrie's family and asked if I wanted to come along I jumped at the chance. (I'm pretty sure my exact email response was "YES PLEASE!").

I had been told that the first trip out there is overwhelming, so my plan for today was just to be along for the ride! It was a great day with the girls. We spent the morning looking at a bunch of cute stuff for Carrie's kids (Ronnie--and Ethan, my brother's precious nephew who spent the day with us!). Then after lunch Aja and I got more into the flea market area and all of the interesting things that people were selling (such as machetes, old tools, tables full of license plates, and vintage toys!).

I got through the day without spending much money. At one of the tents we went to they had a bunch of dips to taste and Aja and I fell in love, so I bought a few dip mixes. And a couple of mixes to make Cheesecake Cheeseballs! And right before we left for the day I found my favorite purchase:

For a long time I have been wanting to display the Fruit of the Spirit somewhere in my apartment but could never figure out the right way... so when I found this today I couldn't pass it up. I absolutely love it!!

Such a fun day with my sister and the girls!

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