June 20, 2017

Father's Day

We had a good time celebrating Cooper's Dad and Pappaw over the last few weeks!

 David's dad had to work Father's Day weekend, so we went and saw them the weekend before to celebrate Father's Day and David's birthday.

 Cooper was a content little guy most of the day and did well to show off his smile for Pappaw and Nanny.

 And he crashed and took a nap with Pappaw holding him as well!

 This past Sunday we got up and got Cooper dressed in his plaid shorts and turtle shirt.  We actually had bought this outfit before he was born.  When he started measuring big, we bought a bigger outfit as an option for Easter.  Two and half months later, it finally fits!

Cooper is a lucky little one to have this guy for a dad!  We spent the morning and lunch with family celebrating Cooper's baby dedication.  Sunday night we went out for burgers and custard just the 3 of us!  It was a good weekend together.

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