June 27, 2017

Birthday Date

This past weekend was David's birthday and we had fun celebrating.  When we were talking about his birthday a few months ago, I asked him what he wanted to do-- a party with lots of people, some small family time, a baseball game, etc.  We decided to have some friends over on his birthday since we usually have our Community Group on Sundays and we would be meeting with them anyway.  But David also requested a birthday date just me and him.
 When we were planning the date I asked if he knew what he wanted to do or if he wanted me to plan it.  He chose for me to plan it and to surprise him with what we were doing.  So Saturday night we got dressed up and headed out to McKinney.

 First stop was Hutchins BBQ.  We had never been, but it is a popular BBQ place in the area.  The line wrapped around the building and we waited for about an hour to get to the front of it.  But we had planned for a long dinner wait, so we settled in and enjoyed some time to talk without a baby crying like he tends to do at dinner time :)  

 We enjoyed brisket, ribs, and sides.  They also had free dessert, so I had their peach cobbler and David had their banana pudding.
 We thought it was all very good and we were glad to have tried it out!

Then we headed toward Downtown McKinney for a comedy show, which was our main event for the evening.
 I had seen an advertisement about Comedy Sportz a few months ago and thought it seemed like something David would like, so I bought us tickets for this weekend.
It was a comedy show where 2 teams competed against each other in a variety of Improv games to try to earn points.  It was similar to Whose Line is it Anyway and we had a lot of fun

 We bought blue and red glowsticks so we could vote for which team we thought did a better job.  We both really liked the blue team, but the red team ended up winning to most points
It was a great night out on the town with my favorite guy!

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