June 21, 2017

Father's Day Gifts

For David's first Father's Day, I spent some time searching for good gift options.  I had been planning to make him his own set of suck pads for our Lillebaby carrier, which is part of the reason that I made the first few sets the week before--because I needed to try out the patterns first!

So I picked up some Rangers fabric and sewed up this set.  I figured it might make him more likely to help wear Cooper in the carrier :)

When I was searching Pinterest and Message Boards for ideas, I found this one to spell out DAD with 3 different pictures and put them together in a frame

So one day while David was at work, Cooper and I had a photo shoot with the letters that I painted.  David seemed to really like this gift and he took it to work to put at his desk.  

Here's our sweet boy closer up:

Had to get one with his serious face in addition to the smiles because this is how he looks a lot of the time! 

And we finished off his gift with a few books for him to read with Cooper!

We're so thankful for David and I had fun putting together this gift for his first Father's Day!

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