July 26, 2016

Neighborhood Eats: July

We continued our quest to try out neighborhood restaurants this month and we had 3 really good meals!

 I'd been to Razzoo's before, but we hadn't been together since we moved into our house so we had it on the list.  We enjoyed a Friday night date at Razzoo's and then a movie.  We enjoyed some good cajun food together!

Taco Joint
Taco Joint is one of the places we'd tried not too long after we moved into our house and we really liked it.  We have been trying to do more walking/bike riding to different places in our neighborhood, so one Saturday morning we got up and walked to Taco Joint for breakfast tacos.  It's a little over a mile from our house, but it's an easy walk through the neighborhood.  We enjoyed some breakfast tacos and a trip to Half Price Books on this morning!

Roman Cucina 
This past Sunday we went out on a date to an Italian restaurant near us.  We had never been here before and it was a fun atmosphere.  We had mozarrella bread as an appetizer and then David had sausage bolognese pasta and I had bruschetta for dinner.  Everything was very good!  We'll definitely have to come back here again

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