July 19, 2016

5 years of Fun

So while David and I were gone this past weekend, we hit a big milestone with the other member of our family--Saturday marked 5 years since I adopted Lily.

(While we weren't with Lily on her adoption birthday, she was having plenty of fun snuggling with Grandma and going on walks to chase Pokemon with Uncle Nick)

This is one of the first pictures I ever took of Lily.  I adopted Lily the summer of 2011 after I lost my other dog, Allie.  Lily has always been so sweet and fun and since day 1 I've felt like she's a perfect fit for me.

Lily spends about 90% of her life doing this:
 She sleeps all day.  Most of the time she is under our bed sleeping and we can go hours without hearing or seeing her.  Then she will change it up a little to come out and sleep by us

She spends most of the rest of her time doing this:
 Being right wherever we are.  Under the desk, under a table, next to the couch, under my feet in the kitchen.  If she's awake, she is wherever David and I are

Her other favorite place to be is here:
In my lap, under a blanket.  This is where she is if she hears thunder.

I think Lily is pretty special.  And lucky for us, David has fallen in love with her too!  Lily takes time to warm up to new people, but once she got used to David he became her favorite.  She loves to be with him. When he was working from home so much, she was frequently with him in the office.  While we were in Hot Springs this weekend we saw lots of people out with their dogs and we would talk about how we wished Lily were with us.  Then we'd remember that she'd much rather be sleeping than hiking a mountain with us!

Happy 5 years in my family Lily!  I am so grateful you are mine.

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erin m said...

Aww...happy adoption day Lily!