March 22, 2016

Spring Weekend

This past weekend our kiddos went to respite so we were able to enjoy some time together.  Respite weekends are always nice for everyone--the kids love getting to meet new people and this weekend they had 2 other kids to play with where they stayed and we get a little bit of rest.  

We had decided to spend most of the weekend working on projects around the house, but kicked off Friday night with a date night.

Heading out the door with my favorite guy!

 We decided to dinner and a movie and go see the last movie in the Divergent Trilogy.  We both read all of the books and have seen all of the movies together since we've been married.  In fact we've seen them all opening weekend which has been this same weekend in March the last 3 years, so here's a look at our past dates:

Before the movie we grabbed dinner at a restaurant right next door to the theater.  We had been there once before and we really enjoy the food!

Saturday we slept in a little, David met a friend for breakfast and then we took my car in for an oil change since we usually have both car seats in it and the last time I took the kids with we waited for THREE hours.  Then we came back home and got to work
 We worked on the pool and the yard.  We took the pool cover off and hosed it down.  Then we added pool chemicals.  I pulled weeds and sprayed off the patio around the pool while David added weed killer to the rest of the yard.

We took a break for a late lunch and decided to ride our bikes to a local restaurant.  We haven't been able to ride bikes much since the kids are still learning how to use theirs and we don't have the equipment to tote them along on ours.  So it was nice to go on a bike ride with my hubby.
 We'd been wanting to try out Wing Bucket and we really enjoyed it!  I tried the PB&J flavored wings and they were interesting.  We also had a side of sour cream and onion fries.  We really enjoyed the food and will definitely go back soon!

The rest of the weekend was spent relaxing and catching up on some of our shows.  It was a nice couple of days with my man!

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