December 23, 2015

DIY Christmas: Stockings

Last year I posted about several DIY projects that I did for our Christmas decorations.  I haven't added a whole lot this year, but I did make us some new stockings.

Since we added 2 new stockings to our home this year, I figured it might be a good time to try to make them.  So I bought all of the fabric and got to work.  I actually made these right before the kids were placed with us, but we already had their names so I was able to get them done before the craziness started!  I followed this tutorial and made the letter appliques using my Silhouette!

The first 2 I made were mine and David's.  And this picture is when I realized that they were facing opposite directions, which I knew would make me crazy.  So I cut another D and added it to the other side of David's so it could face the other way too!  These stockings were very easy to make and only took me about an hour to make all 4.

Here are our stockings hung in our house (of course there is one for Lily too, but she didn't get a new homemade one)
It's so fun to have new stockings up in fun patterns!  They are a little bit smaller than I would like, so I may experiment with a new pattern next year, but I really love the contrasting fabrics and how well they go together!

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