December 15, 2015

Pinterest Cooking: Chicken Enchiladas

So I'm finally back to cooking a little bit.  We've been eating off of our freezer meals that I made as well as a few my mom made us.  And several nights we make something easy for the kids and then one of us will go and grab dinner out for us once they are in bed.  But tonight I decided to actually make dinner.

I made the Chicken Enchiladas that I had mentioned in my freezer cooking post last month.  I had cooked the chicken in November when I made the other meals, so it's been in our freezer ready to go.  I thawed it out and made 2 batches of the enchiladas--one for dinner tonight and then I stuck one in the freezer.  David and I both really liked the enchiladas tonight when we had them and I look forward to having them ready to go another time we need dinner!

I'm pretty used to this sidekick sticking close to me as I make dinner, but now she's got a 2 year old friend along with her and that is taking some getting used to for all of us as we navigate making dinner at night.  

I thought I'd also update about a few of the freezer recipes we've made and have tried.  David and I have been eating on the Brown Bag Burritos and Southwest Roll ups for lunch and they've been a good easy go-to lunch (or dinner some nights).  The crockpot chicken pot pie was not a success--I did not love how it turned out.  I have really liked the freezer pizza dough that I made and am glad to have a dough recipe to accompany my homemade sauce.  We do lots of pizza nights and it's nice to have this as a ready to go option without spending money to order out!

We're slowly settling into our routine and getting dinner going when kids are crazy and everyone is tired from the day can be really hard, but I'm glad to have a chance to try out some new recipes along the way!

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