April 7, 2015

Going Yard

Last year I got very into watching HGTV.  I loved all the shows about renovating and fixing up houses.  I loved seeing all the decorating ideas.  I loved the kitchens.  I loved the yards.  I loved the living areas.  Once we moved into our house I slowed down a little on the HGTV watching--I wanted to just enjoy our house and not think about all of the other options out there.  But I still watch it from time to time and last week I was watching Yard Crashers and thinking how fun all of the updated backyards were.  And then I found a show called Going Yard and they were having a marathon, so I may have recorded a whole bunch of them.  

Our list of Scheduled recordings on Sunday night :)

I just love seeing all of the ideas.  And we've had quite a bit of fun working on our backyard over the past few weeks getting it ready for Spring and Summer.  I know I've shared a few pictures here and there, but I thought I'd give a little look at the updates so far
On top is a picture David took from the Kitchen window the night we got our keys in September and the bottom is a picture he took on Saturday

The day we were having people over, I was on Pinterest and I came across signs of  Backyard/Patio Rules and I thought they were cute.  So I decided we had to have one.  Like right then.  I am definitely an impulse crafter.  When I see something I want to make I tend to just make it and don't even always bother with getting the best supplies--I made this sign on the cardboard insert that goes in a picture frame I wasn't using.  And I didn't have enough vinyl in 1 color to do all the words the same, so I made it work with half blue and half gray.  I looked through several lists and David and I chose the ones we liked  best for our list of "Backyard Rules."  And I made it that afternoon!  In case you can't read the tiny picture--here are the "rules" Gather with Friends *Enjoy Each Season *Relax *Laugh *Watch the Sunset *Sip a Cold Drink *Grill Burgers & Dogs *Read Books *Take Naps *Sit by the Fire *Go for a Swim *Be Grateful for the day.  I originally hung it with some ribbon, but have now re-positioned it a little lower with some zip ties on the sides.  Love my Silhouette machine for making things like this sign!

We also finally have a blue pool again!  We had "closed" our pool for the winter by covering it with a net to keep the leaves out.  So about 3 weeks ago we took the net off and began treating it with chemicals and brushing it.  It took 3 weeks of work (mostly by my awesome hubby) to get it blue, but it looks so pretty again!

I also decided that I wanted to add some lights to our patio area.  I found some at Home Depot but then found a much better deal on packages at Target, so I bought a few of those.  I started on the roof line and then wanted them to drape down some.  I originally tried to attach them to the umbrella, but then one snapped off and the whole strand of lights fell and broke.  Then I decided to drape them down to the pool fence and string them along that.  

 It took a few tries to get the spacing right, but I love how they turned out.

And they really are so bright and add a lot of light in the evenings!

I can't wait to have people over more and more this Spring and Summer to enjoy our patio and our pool.  

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