April 5, 2015

Cooking up Memories: Grandma Bergstedt's Carrot Cake {Happy Easter}

Happy Easter!  This morning we are heading out to worship with our church family at Woodcreek and then meeting up with my family at my mom's church.  I love getting to worship with our Woodcreek family and all the meaning and power in the Easter Sunday Service.  I'm also looking forward to Piper's first Easter and hunting eggs with Chase (if the weather clears up at all today!).

The recipe my mom gave me at my shower is for her grandmother's Carrot Cake.  I made this last year as part of our Mothers Day dinner and thought Easter weekend was a good time to make it again.

Friday morning I gathered all of the ingredients to get it started

This grater cup is one of the things we registered for and I really like it.  It has 3 different tops depending on the size of grating you want.  And then it goes right into the cup.  And it has a measuring cup on the other side so you can see how much you get 

I'll be honest--this is one of the least appetizing-looking cakes I've made.  When I put it in the over I feel like it looks like mush with a bunch of carrots floating in it--so this is not a cake that I do much "batter sampling" with.   

But it actually turns out pretty well.  And I'm sure that's helped out a lot by the layer of cream cheese, margarine and powdered sugar on top!

Grandma Bergstedt's Carrot Cake
*2 cups Flour *2 teaspoons Baking Powder *1.5 teaspoons Soda *1 teaspoon Salt *1 teaspoon Cinnamon *2 cups Sugar *1.5 cups Oil *4 Eggs *2 cups Grated Carrots *1- 8 ounce can Crushed Pineapple, drained *1/2 cup Nuts {There are no nuts in my cake.  I did my grocery shopping on my way home from work on Thursday and I thought I had some chopped nuts at home, but I didn't.  Since I prefer my cakes/brownies/cookies without nuts I didn't worry about not adding them}

-Heat oven to 325
-Cream first 8 ingredients
-Stir in carrots, pineapple & nuts
-Bake in layers or 1/4 sheet.  30-40 minutes at 325 {This is probably a good time to mention, if I haven't already, that the oven at our house needs to cook things longer than any recipe every mentions.  I baked this cake for 35 minutes and it was still liquidy, so it needed another 10 minutes.  Almost everything I've made since we've lived her I've had to cook 5 minutes or more over the suggested cooking time}

Frost when cool
Mix together: *1/2 cup Butter or Margarine *3 ounces Cream Cheese *1 teaspoon Vanilla
Beat in 1 lb Powdered Sugar

Carrot cake would not be my first choice for dessert, but this one is actually pretty good.  David and I both liked it when I made it last year and today I'll take it to my family's Easter dinner.  And my mom loves it--in fact when we were tasting wedding cakes my mom asked if we could do one layer of the cake as carrot cake, but the baker said carrot cake didn't look as pretty as other kinds so she didn't recommend it--so the fact that she loves it is enough reason to make this recipe every once in a while!

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