February 21, 2015

Weekend Home Update

We've been in our house 5 months now and I love continuing to make it our home.

One thing I've been interested in now that we have a yard is starting a garden.  This so does not come naturally to me--I've killed most plants that I've ever tried.  In fact, when I dog-sit for my sister-in-law's parents the most stressful part is trying to keep all of their plants alive for a week!  But I still am interested in trying it out, so when I saw that there was going to be a class at our local Rec Center about Herb and Vegetable Gardening in North Texas, I decided to sign up.  

So this morning I went to that and I learned a ton.  The lady who taught it was so knowledgeable and very helpful.  She gave lots of good tips about how to get started and tried and true things she has done in her garden.  But she also talked a lot about letting the process of gardening be the focus and not worry so much about the outcome.  Since we have little control over the weather and other factors that go in to gardening, you start it with the hopes of learning but not getting beaten down if nothing grows right.  And as a bonus she gave us lots of seeds from her harvest to begin some plants.  So we'll see if I get that figured out to plant something in the next few months!

This afternoon we had big plans to assemble some furniture we recently bought, but things don't always go as planned.  We went to Bible Study last night and as we were pulling up to our house we were greeted with this sight in our yard:

The wind took down several of the branches from our trees--including this giant one from one tree.  Thankfully, it managed to only land in our yard and our empty driveway--no damage to our house or cars (if we'd been home, my car would have been in the driveway and likely would have been damaged).  So we went to bed hoping that nothing else would happen overnight

This morning we woke up to about the same sight.  There's a lot of this that we could clean up ourselves, but since there were a few rather substantial branches, we decided to call someone to help cut those down.  We had a couple of guys come bag up all of our leaves in December and they were very helpful--so we called them and they were able to come out this afternoon.  They did an awesome job cleaning it all up and are planning to come back next weekend to help cut down some limbs and branches that need to be cut back

 Good as new this afternoon!

We did manage to finish one furniture assembly project!  When we bought our bed when we got married it was just a bed frame, box springs and mattress--which is all we need.  But I've been looking for ideas for headboards since we moved in to our house.  I just felt like one would add a little decor to our room.  

I looked at several DIY options such as these:

And I loved all of those options.  But we ended up finding one online that I really liked and it seemed easier than trying to make something ourselves.  So we ordered this one and it came in this week.  David spent most of the afternoon helping me assemble it.

It is Lily approved!

Next up is assembling our new patio furniture.  And I am getting the itch to paint our bedroom.  We haven't painted any since we moved in and I think I'm ready to start that with our bedroom.  Stay tuned!

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