April 13, 2014

Year of Dates: Baseball Movie

Since baseball is kind of a big deal in our house, I couldn't let our April date be anything but baseball related.  We technically had this date on March 30, so right before Rangers opening day.  We had another at-home date where we watched a baseball movie, enjoyed ballpark food (hot dogs, drinks in some of our many Rangers cups, and even ice cream sundaes in the helmets), and spent the day together

 We had bought "42" a while back, but neither of us had watched it since it was in the theaters, so it was fun getting to see it again
And I even bought David some Rangers shorts to help complete his Rangers-loving wardrobe.  I figured that he'd get a lot of use out of them this Spring and Summer (and so far he has!)

It was a fun way to kick off baseball season together.  Stay tuned for May--we finally start getting out of the house for dates then ;-)

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