December 20, 2012

Toys for Tots

I have really fallen down on the whole photo a day thing this month.  Being sick for last almost 2 weeks has wiped me out and I just haven't taken many pictures, even when the perfect opportunity presented itself (i.e. Day 14 b&w--I was at an amazing and beautiful black and white party hosted by some friends, but did not take a single picture!)

But I wanted to share this picture as a tidbit from my day yesterday.  We had a few cancellations at work, so my friend Jill and I had the opportunity to go pick up gifts from Toys for Tots for a few of our co-workers and the clients and families they submitted.

We got to the room where they were setting up and it was amazing to see just how many toys had been donated (and that's just for this specific location).  It was all set up by age group and gender and we go to take the list and "shop" for each of the kids picking out a couple toys to take to their families.

Having seen and contributed to collections for toys for tots, angel tree, and other opportunities, it was very neat to get to be on this side of it and see where some of those toys were going.  Overall we got to get toys and food for 66 kids in 33 different families that will now have a little something to celebrate Christmas.

It was just what I needed in the midst of all the busy-ness and last minute shopping and worrying about finding the right gifts for people.  So looking forward to being done with the next 2 days and on to a little rest and a lot of traveling and fun for Christmas!

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