December 11, 2012

A very Christmas Weekend

***AHHHH!  I am about to scream about how frustrating making this post was and I just need to know if anyone knows how to fix it.  For some reason when I upload pictures into Blogger, most "landscape" pictures get rotated 90 degrees.  And I have not been able to find a tool in blogger to rotate pictures.  And the only fix I've found is if I go turn the picture  in my computer folder 90 degrees, upload it like that (then it's still turned) and then go back and turn it back to normal in my folder and re-upload it.  Needless to say, that seems a little ridiculous.  Does anyone else have problems with that??  Is it just my computer?  Any ideas of fixes would be awesome. :)  Now I hope you enjoy lots of pictures from this weekend, because I worked hard to get them on here! ;) 

This weekend was full of Christmas fun!

Friday morning was our Holiday Party for all of the families we work with.  We rented out a church outreach center, had cookies, crafts and pictures with Santa.  It is always a great party every year and lots of fun!

From there we headed to lunch with my co-workers for our Secret Santa reveal.  After a few hours of actually working, that night we had our staff Christmas party at my friend Julie's house.  I stopped by that, but left early to meet up with David for a party with his co-workers. 

Saturday I went to lunch with my friends Melissa and Amy for our second-annual December birthday lunch.  Then I met up with Erin for some fun wedding planning talk--and a spur of the moment Christmas gift exchange once we realized the next time we both have free is in January.

Saturday night we took a group of International Students (along with some friends from church) to look at Christmas lights.  We drove out to one of the neighborhoods well-known for it's lights and it was a lot of fun explaining some of the fun and crazy Christmas traditions to them as well as talking about the real reason we celebrate Christmas.  We turned up the Christmas music and enjoyed the lights

 This street was definitely the most fun to turn onto.  They had lights strung across the street and the houses at the end were so brightly lit!
 We also really liked the way they put lights in these trees

And the inflatables inside this house were kind of fun.

Sunday was church and then David and I watched a Christmas movie.  Sunday evening we headed out to celebrate our friend Amy's birthday.  Her boyfriend Matt had planned dinner in downtown Grapevine and then an evening walking around the Gaylord Texan.

I had been to the Gaylord before for the Ice Exhibit a few times, but David had never been and it was a lot of fun going with a group of friends!  The decorations there are so amazing to me.

 A Life-size Gingerbread House


 Santa's Boots

 My favorite tree there

Now this week has been greeted with my annual Christmas sickness along with the cold temperatures (that I LOVE).  And this week is full of Christmas parties as well!

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erin m said...

That's so frustrating! Do you upload JPEG images or PNG images? For some reason, blogger doesn't love PNG images as much. Or if you are downloading them off of your camera, it may be a setting in your folder that blogger doesn't like. That's all I got. Sorry friend :(