December 3, 2012

December started off with a bang...and a ring!

So Saturday morning I was reminiscing about birthdays past, not even knowing that I was about to have the best birthday ever which would end with an engagement I've waited and prayed for for a long time.

David had planned an afternoon together.  He told me the night before it would be a scavenger hunt with a variety of clues to figure out the next stop of the day.

We started off at my apartment and then went to our church for the next clue.  That clue led us to BJ's where we enjoyed lunch before getting the next clue to head to Dave & Buster's.  After Dave & Buster's I got the final clue (which I didn't know at the time) leading us to White Rock Lake.  At this point I was thinking through all the places we had been.

 he said he wanted to make sure we got pictures at each place we went... we definitely forgot to get a picture at BJ's... and the 2 pictures we got otherwise are kind of ridiculous looking but it documents the day :)

First, was the church, the place we first met.  Second, the restaurant where we had our first date.  White Rock Lake is where we had our first kiss.  I couldn't quite connect the dots to Dave & Buster's-- we had a random date night there several months ago that we both really enjoyed-- only later did he tell me he chose that because that was the night he knew he wanted to ask me to marry him and he stayed up that night starting to plan this very day (so incredibly sweet).

So we got to White Rock Lake and decided to go to the bench where we had watched a lightening storm over the lake the first time we went together.  David decided to grab his jacket "because it was windy" which tipped me off a little that there might be more going on (although I will say that the whole day any time I started to think we might be getting engaged soon, I would tell myself not to get my hopes up and remind myself it was just a fun birthday surprise!).

We turned the corner going up the hill and saw the bench set up with purple balloons (even though they look pink here) and a card with my name on it taped to the bench.

We sat down and David read the birthday card--which included lots of wonderful things about what he loved about me and how glad he was that God had brought us together--to me.

Then he said he had something else for me and he got down on his knee, pulled out the ring box and said (something to the extent of) "Laura, I love you and I want to spend the rest of my life with you.  Will you marry me?"

And I said yes

And then he told me to turn around because there was someone who wanted to take our picture.  I was completely oblivious to my surroundings and didn't even notice his best friend taking pictures from not too far away (but I'm so glad he did so we have all these forever!).  

Two of his friends had driven down from Oklahoma to help set things up at the park and take pictures for us of the engagement.  It was great to finally meet them--but they headed off pretty quickly so we could enjoy our time together.  We headed down to sit on the dock and watch the sunset, so I called my mom and made a plan to go over there and then called by 2 best friends.  David called his grandma to wish her a happy birthday as well and share the news.  And we were able to enjoy about an hour just sitting together and soaking in the day.

From there we grabbed a quick dinner and then headed to my mom's to catch up with her.  We showed her the ring, told her the story and she got some good pictures of us.

Then the plan was for me to go to my friend Katie and Melissa's house to catch up with the two of them and tell katie the news (Melissa already knew and had been planning with David).  Little did I know the surprises were not over.  David and Melissa, along with other good friends, had planned a surprise birthday party with me.  I was completely floored when I saw everyone standing in the kitchen--but maybe not as floored as almost everyone else when David turned the tables and announced that we were engaged!

It was so much fun celebrating with my best friend, among other people.  And I was so glad I had already had a chance to call and tell her the news before the party

David added to the surprise by planning well enough in advance that Nicki and Mathis were able to drive up to be here for the party too!  Nicki and I lived together when she and Mathis got engaged and as they planned their wedding so it was very fun to share in this special night with them too.

 I don't really have other pictures from the party yet, but there were a ton of good friends, hugs and congratulations.  Along with a fun cake from my friend Melissa.  It was an awesome ending to the day and so fun to be able to tell a lot of our good friends at once and to share the story.

The last several months with David have been amazing.  I've prayed for several years for the Lord to bring the right man in to my life at the right time--and He has answered that prayer in ways I never even would have planned or imagined.  I am so looking forward to starting the next chapter with David and the idea of celebrating many future birthdays with him sounds perfect.

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