May 6, 2012

May 6, You

So all these pictures are from yesterday, because yesterday was a very full day.

I started the day with Zumba, which I love.  I have found I'm not a fan of all Zumba classes, but the girl who teaches the Saturday morning class makes it so much fun.

Then I headed to breakfast and catching up with Sami and Katie

After breakfast, Katie and I picked up Melissa and met Laura downtown to go to a craft fair.  There was some neat stuff, but none of us were looking to get too much so we didn't stay long.  We ended up walking around Bishop Arts District and ending our afternoon with margaritas at Gloria's!

After being home for a little while, I picked Katie back up for another event.  Every year my brother and sister-in-law host Cinco de Reedo at their house and Katie was sweet enough to go with me.  We enjoyed fajitas and catching up with everyone.

And today included church and lunch with the 20s group.  Now I am enjoying a little time at home before a meeting tonight.

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