May 13, 2012

May 12, Something that makes you happy

Yesterday was a very fun and happy day.

But even with everything I did yesterday, this is the only picture I took:

But it does make me happy, especially when it was the result of an early morning text from my best friend that went something like this, "I'll get the tacos, you get the drinks.  We'll meet in the middle to get balloons."

And it just made me laugh thinking back on lots of early morning breakfasts during college.  And then I realized yesterday had been exactly 5 years since graduation (seriously, where did 5 years go?).  But I was reminded yesterday of the sweet friendships I have been blessed with and I am so grateful the Lord has made them last and grow through several changes and distance (yes Nicki, I'm talking about you... can't wait til you are in the same state again!) and the new friendships He's brought into my life.

So friendships.  And Sonic drinks.  Those are the things that make me happy.

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