May 3, 2012

May 3, Something you Wore Today

I started my day with  a run (I actually ran 2/3 of my 3 miles today... I was pretty proud of myself considering how long it's been since I hit the pavement).

I never thought I could see myself spending more than a few dollars on socks.  Then my mom got me a pair of these running socks (in blue) with my new shoes for Christmas and I fell in love.  So I just recently bought this pair.  Seriously, as soon as I put them on my feet feel better.  They have compression and padding in just the right places.  So what better for my picture of something I wore?  (and in case you can't tell, this picture was taken around 5:50 this morning with my feet up on my car door as I got my shoes on to run)

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amy said...

Every time I decide to buy socks for running, I get overwhelmed by all the claims on the packages and walk away empty handed. What kind are these? A personal recommendation is better than blindly choosing something.