September 26, 2010

Running and Walking

So I know I posted about my recent running adventures. I have recently found a track at a Community College near my apartment and it is perfect... and even better one of my co-workers lives in my apartment complex and wants to jog more, so we go together! Because I have a buddy, I feel safer going in the morning (when it's still dark) so I can get my workout in before work!

And today the cool Fall weather has finally arrived! So I took Allie for a nice loooong walk this evening. And I used my FitTrack App GPS to keep track of my pace and mileage. And I had a crazy discovery.

All of my jogs are still a combination of running and walking... 1.5 miles is the longest I've run consecutively, then I walk a bit and run again. I email myself my FitTrack results after each session to keep track of if I'm actually getting better... here is what I found:

One of my most recent runs I went 4.19 miles with an average pace of 10:47 (this includes my warm up, cool down, jogging, and walking between jogs)

Tonight's walk with Allie we went 6.43 miles with an average pace of 10:53

So why am I killing myself running? I walk so fast it averages out to almost the same pace... and I go longer because I'm not dying.

I still really enjoy the feeling I get when I run and how accomplished I feel. But it was also helpful for me to see this to know that it's okay if I just walk.

And on another note (not completely unrelated) how the HECK did Allie gain another pound since the end of August when we take 6 mile walks?!

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