September 24, 2010


Even though you might not be able to tell when you walk outside, Fall is officially here! This morning I went for a jog and it was before sunrise... Heat Index of 92 and 94% humidity. Seriously Fall weather, anytime you want to come would be awesome.

Although my favorite thing about Fall (the weather) is not quite here, many other things are! I love the changing of seasons every season, but there is something wonderful about the beginning of Fall.

After months of miserable heat and humidity and very little rain, there is a promise of relief! And as much as I love the relaxed days of summer, I also am a big fan of getting back on schedule with the start of Fall.

And the busyness has begun! Work is going strong, BSF started again last week and we are in full swing with our year at Youth.

I decided that my first change would be my blog design :) Decorating my apartment for Fall will come this weekend... and I am stocking up on supplies to make pumpkin muffins next weekend! I love fall baking (not that anyone should be shocked by this!). And I am excited to continue my jogging routine outside as the weather cools off!

On my walk with Allie tonight, there was a nice breeze and I was reminded of my awesome Creator who thought of seasons! A God who makes things new every day and gives us changing seasons to remind us of newness and give us a time to re-focus on Him. *Still I notice You when change begins* And I am braced for colder winds *I will offer thanks for what has been and was to come* You are Autumn*

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