November 11, 2009

My Week with the Puppies

This week I am housesitting and dog sitting for my brother and sister-in-law while they are celebrating their birthdays in Jamaica! I have gotten a taste of having more than 1 dog and it's been a little crazy Granted... most of the craziness is because of my dog... because she is so excited to see her cousins and she doesn't like to sleep in new places. The first night we were here, Allie cried all night long... non-stop for 9 hours. I thought we were in for a long week, but we've all now settled into our routines and it's nice and calm (most of the time). Here's a look at our morning:

This is Sadie... probably the sweetest dog I know... she is so fun and treats Allie like her toy

Maggie May is not so fond of Allie (or the craziness when Allie and Sadie play... we call her the fun police). She spends most of her time hiding behind this chair
And of course my snuggle puggle, Allie! Finally settled down at Uncle Jeremy's!

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